Yesterday, I attended the requiem Mass for Benedicta, only a few short months after she was conceived.  In a very moving ceremony at St. Theresa’s Parish, I felt prompted to reflect.

Benedicta reminded me that everyone needs a good word
     a blessing
             and to be blessed.

Benedicta reminded me that all life is precious
      and sacred
              and worthy of celebration.

Benedicta reminded me that the shortest of lives here on earth
      often have the greatest of impacts eternally.

Benedicta reminded me that holy rituals
      carry comfort and solace
              when chaotic life events
                       tempt us to despair.

Benedicta reminded me that rejoicing and mourning
      joy and suffering
              laughter and tears
              may all happen at the same time.

Benedicta reminded me that grief expressed communally
      is healthy and healing.

Benedicta reminded me that God makes no mistakes.


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