Miracle Eggs


This is what I would call a miracle.  Honestly, an unexpected miracle.  You wait and see, by golly.  Let me explain.

I was having coffee with a friend a couple of evenings ago and we got talking about the Pokemon Go phenomenon.  She and a couple of other friends had gone out to the Legislature Grounds in downtown Edmonton at midnight the previous night and what do you think they saw there?  Hundreds of people playing Pokemon Go at midnight on a weeknight.

On the good perspective side of the house:
(1) People who have been couch potatoes are now walking.
(2) So, people who are overweight are losing weight and getting healthier.
(3) People are socializing more than they ever have.  “Did you catch this pokemon?”

Some of the more negative aspects:
(1) Children as young as 5 years old were out with their parents at midnight.
(2) People have been lured into bad situations.
(3) People are wandering around inappropriately at all times of the night even.

My friend explained to me one aspect of the game that I find fascinating.  Apparently, and pardon me if I get this description wrong, you capture virtual eggs in this game, and then you have to walk a certain distance to hatch these virtual eggs.  There are eggs that can be hatched by walking 2 km, or 5 km, or 10 km or 20 km.  She had heard from a friend the day before that he had walked 10 km to hatch an egg.

Okay, does anyone else see how we are very easily manipulated?  Seriously, there is an obesity crisis in North America currently.  People are told all the time to get walking for their health….to no avail.  But give them a virtual egg and they are off and running to make it hatch.  Hilarious!!

Please tell me the medical community is kicking themselves for not thinking this one up! From what I can tell, these virtual (i.e., unreal) eggs stand a chance of making a serious impact in the fight against Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.

Miracle eggs, that is what they are.


One thought on “Miracle Eggs

  1. Hahahaha great post. The eggs are indeed an important part of the game. The reason this works is because we love to have fun. Games are fun, even if they make us walk!

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