Seven weeks ago, I began a journey.  My body was not feeling good and I knew a change had to be made and that it was going to be hard.  I’ve been overweight all of my adult life and I was afraid of getting diabetes since I am now 54 years old and still overweight.  I happened upon the book, The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley, and decided to try it.

Basically, the diets that Mosley propose are all the Mediterranean style of eating.  If you want to lose weight quickly, the 8-week diet is the one; otherwise, there are a couple of other options.  The 8-week diet is one that restricts calorie consumption to 800 calories a day.  Mosley is a research fanatic (which I love!) that debunks the notion that you have to lose weight slowly to keep it off – quite the opposite:  those who lose weight quickly are more likely to keep it off according to the research.

So, I have been eating 800 calories a day (probably between 800 and 1,000 since I don’t weigh things out and have made some assumptions) for the past seven weeks.  I’ve lost somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds.  Please don’t find them – happy for them to stay lost.  I also started a walking regime and now walk 5+ kms per day.

But what about the cravings?  The concerns I have about my health are right now superseding the cravings.  When I saw the picture of the chocolate heart-shaped truffles above, I have to admit I did momentarily savour the thought of what it would be like to have that divine smooth chocolate on my tongue.  Even now, there is a draw.

However, I also thought how ironic that the truffles are in the shape of a heart.  There would be nothing worse for my heart in particular, nothing less loving I could do for myself, than to start on the truffles.  Some bodies can ingest truffles galore and not experience negative consequences.  If I had one of those bodies, I’d probably be eating the truffles.  But I don’t.  Oh I will probably eventually incorporate small amounts of dark chocolate into my diet to satisfy my soulful longings for sweetness.  But not until I’ve tried for a while longer to get rid of the sweet tooth.

I believe that God would have me be healthy, so my craving for health must exceed my craving for chocolate and other goodies.  Right now it does.  Please pray that it stays that way for me!

Whom have I in heaven but you?  And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
Psalm 73:25



4 thoughts on “Craving

  1. You wrote: “” I believe that God would have me be healthy, so my craving for health must exceed my craving for chocolate and other goodies. Right now it does. Please pray that it stays that way for me! “”

    You have my prayer, but I do not think you really need it.
    I feel that your ‘stated belief’, is what will keep your desire for health to outweigh any goodie cravings.

    And do not forget to reward yourself once in a while. You deserve a treat. You apparently have control of your eating desires.

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