I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with clocks.  I have a love relationship with this particular clock since I saw it last year while in London.  But there are lots of other clocks as well….

As a child, I learned early on the song “Hickory Dickory Dock.”  You know the one where the mouse ran up the clock.  The clock struck one, the mouse fell down, hickory dickory dock.  And from very early on, I have had a certain fascination with clocks.  They are my favourite wedding gift to give.  Or almost any kind of gift.  After all….

Time is of the essence.

The hot commodity of today is time.  I feel valued when people spend time with me.  I don’t feel valued when people who are with me are glancing continuously at the clock.  But I know that is the way we operate these days.  We are busy, busy, busy, highly scheduled people.

God has something counter culture to say about time.  He says – take a Sabbath.  It is actually one of the ten commandments.  One that I think is often forgotten today.  Marva Dawn, in her book, Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, had a very insightful perspective on the Sabbath and time:

“We concentrate on our sanctuaries and call those places the church instead of realizing that “church” happens in the events of the Christian community and its outreach to the world, in time. We “go to church,” meaning a building, and expect to find God there, instead of experiencing the presence of God in the time of worship. (…) As we keep the Sabbath, instead of our possessing things or space, time possesses us.”

The clock is ticking…take some time to experience the presence of God.


2 thoughts on “Clock

  1. I love the way you always have something inspiring to write. I enjoy reading your insights and thoughts. You have a nice perspective on life. Thanks for writing.

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