If someone tells you that you are moving at a snail’s pace on something, it is not a compliment.  You can hardly get slower.  Yet I think our perception of slowness, often equating it to laziness, is off kilter.

On Monday, I walked 5 miles.  It was difficult and I had to stop to rest many times.  Toward the end, I was in quite a lot of pain.  I remembered that when I started I felt quite good, and so I set a pretty quick pace.  Two or three miles in I was still okay, but starting to feel it a bit more.  By the 4 mile mark, I was stopping at every bench and resting these legs which sighed with relief every time I sat down.

So on Wednesday, even though my legs felt great at the beginning, I decided to slow it down.  I walked 4.5 miles, never once stopping to sit and rest.  My legs were still quite sore at the end of the walk, but I was able to climb the stairs better and the recovery from the walk was quicker.

Maybe the snail is on to something.  Please pause and ponder….slowly.


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