If you were to drive along most any highway in southern Alberta during the summer, the view we see in this picture would be one you see outside of the car window.  Canola – the other oil produced in Alberta!

Today, my friend Susan and I drove to Entwhistle, Alberta, to visit the property one of our friend recently purchased.  It was a beautiful drive.  It was also a great time of chatting and catching up with several other people at the barbecue.

Years ago, I think 12 to be exact, I moved here from the Detroit, Michigan area.  It was the second time I made the 3-day drive, and as the Central Tabernacle (now North Pointe) coffee mugs claimed, it was “worth the drive.”

I finished up a degree in Information Technology at NAIT, worked for a bit, then entered Seminary – first part-time, then full-time.  Taylor Seminary requires that students enrolled in their M.Div. program receive Spiritual Direction.  I can honestly say that spiritual direction was invaluable to me.  I never would have been able to weather the storms since with as much aplomb as I have without spiritual direction.

Urban Sanctuary’s leader – Len Thompson – now lives in Entwhistle on a beautiful property.  I hope to see it soon offer retreats to those needing a respite from a ministry world rife with challenges.

It will be well worth the drive, as it was today.


Ciao for now.



2 thoughts on “Drive

  1. I agree with you Kathy,
    As you know I also was in Entwistle. The property shows the ongoing efforts of chopping, pruning and remodelling. Not unlike the journey I find myself on.
    I also have been exposed to Spiritual Direction as part of the Mdiv program. The experience has been a huge blessing and help.
    Urban Sanctuary staff has been there for me as I step out in faith building a ministry from the ground floor. 10 years and counting…

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