Okay, so I am dreaming.  This picture is from a pilgrimage in Spain/France called the Camino de Santiago.  It is a 500 mile experience.  Can you imagine?

The walk begins at the French Pyranees and ends where the Apostle James is buried at the cathedral of Santiago de Campostela.  500 miles.  I hear a song in my head, “I will walk 500 hundred miles….”

The Camino de Santiago seems very, very far away in every aspect right now.  Today, I walked 2 miles and sat halfway through for 1 minute to rest my legs.  500 miles.  Could it happen?

But what an experience it would be to walk 500 miles, communing with other travellers, reflecting on the bigger “journey” of life, persevering through some pain I am sure, etc.  It would take a lot of preparation and a great deal of consideration.  Genetically, my body is not well-suited for the journey.  My father, his mother, and no doubt others before them, had terrible legs.  Both of them carried a fair bit of extra weight. Now, I am shedding the weight.  Could it happen?

500 miles.  What an amazing journey it would be.  I can dream.

Check out this article:  Camino de Santiago



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