“This is going to be hard.”

I thought that just before opening an email in response to an email I had sent to someone on an online dating site.  I remember it like yesterday.  And I also remember thinking, “Now, why did you think that?”  It was the beginning of a journey that has led me to be right here, right now.

I was working for a school district in southeastern Michigan at the time.  And as per usual, was also going to school.  At this time, I was going to Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan.  I rushed from work to go take an exam and as I was bolting through the parking lot at LTU, my right foot stepped in a pothole.  As my left leg went to rescue me from a fall, there was a big pop and I was writhing on the ground.

A visit to the ER, a surgery shortly thereafter to repair my patella tendon which had severed, and some time off, gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life.  I decided that work and school could not be all there is to life, so I decided to try internet dating.  Maybe it was time to find someone and settle down.

One night, I happened on a profile that drew me.  This guy seemed to have everything. Not classically handsome, but his demeanor was what was attractive.  I read his profile.  He was 37, I was 41 – I thought that would never work, so I went looking at other profiles.  But I came back to his and read his profile again.  He was from Saskatchewan (which embarrassingly, I thought was on the far east coast), and I lived in the Detroit area – I thought that would never work, so I went looking at other profiles again.  But once again, I came back to his and read his profile again.  He was a born again Christian and I was an atheist – I knew that would never work, but because I kept coming back to his profile, I decided to write him and get him out of my system.  Something like…..

I know I’m too old, and I know that people who hang with JC typically don’t hang with people of other faiths, but I just had to tell you I think your profile is one of the most positive I’ve ever seen – I am sure you won’t be out here for long.  Really, I don’t normally write like this.  I am not a whacko.

I figured there would be no response and I could just get on with things.  But the next day, I got a response, and before I even opened the email, I thought, “This is going to be hard.” And I wondered why.

That began a journey.  A few months later, I met Christ and fell in love with him.  He became paramount in my life. And that has resulted in letting go of agenda after agenda after agenda that I have had for me.  Some things are easier to let go of than others.  But it certainly has been so far a hard, though often joyful journey.

The picture above is of Jerusalem.  It sits on top of a hill.  The journey to Jerusalem is an ascent, not a descent.  It involves struggles and difficulties.  My journey to Jerusalem has involved meeting and getting to know others on the same path who have helped to ensure that the ascent is a joyful one.

Blessings as you go!



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