Whenever I hear the word “voyage,” a picture like the one above comes to mind.  I have certainly had some interesting voyages of this nature.  I remember the one and only time I went on a sailboat – let’s just say I don’t have the stomach required to be good company while on the water!

I was on a cruise ship once from Florida to Grand Bahama Island.  My Uncle Mike, who was a former Coast Guard Captain, had invited us to his wedding.  So, my mom and I travelled with some well-seasoned sailors during a very rough crossing.  There was not much eating going on at all on that cruise ship as many became sick over the sides of the ship.  It was a brutal crossing while at the same time thrilling as our ship was tossed about on the waves.

A more obsolete definition of “voyage” is an enterprise or undertaking.  I’m old enough that I understand voyage in that way as well (which may mean that I am obsolete, too!). And it is in this context that I am dwelling today.  I am on many concurrent voyages:

A voyage toward health.

A voyage toward a career.

A voyage toward true inner peace.

A voyage toward Jerusalem.

What is thrilling to me is that we are all on various voyages and when our journeys intersect, the voyage gets just a little bit better.  This last week has been a great week of intersecting with others as we journey together.




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