Nothing like a little lightning to inspire awe.  But awe of what?

This summer has been like a trip down memory lane for me lately.  We have had some hot days, and many days already, big booming storms roll in during the afternoon and evening hours.  I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, which is seven miles outside of Washington, D.C.  It seemed like every day the storms came in response to the sultry, sticky, hazy, humid, hot days.  It would often be in the 90s Fahrenheit during the summer months, and our family did not have air conditioning.  The storms would not really cool things off, just stir things up.

Family stories about lightning and thunder storms include one of my grandfather on my mother’s side – the safest place in a storm was thought to be a car, so he would go out and sit in his car during thunder storms.  Another story was of my Dad when he worked as some sort of technician.  One day he was in the lab, and a ball of lightning came through and burnt its way through a wall.  That must have been a surreal experience.

As awe inspiring as lightning is, more worthy of awe is its maker.  My reading today was Psalm 104.  It begins and ends with praising the Lord, and its contents detail his authority as the creator of all….a little excerpt from verse 7:

“…at your rebuke the waters fled, at the sound of your thunder they took to flight…”

At the sound of his thunder I take flight, too!  And then I remember that there is nowhere to take flight to in order to hide from God.  And so I remain right here in the storm.



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