Today I am reminded once again of the importance of having companions on the journey. As a mature single woman (no, this is not an advertisement either) who loves peace and quiet and can get lost for hours/days/weeks in reading, writing and cooking, I can forget easily enough of the need for companionship and actually how companions enhance the experiences of daily life.

It was great to have a friend and three of her girls over to my place for a walk and lunch. These young ladies, ages 3, 5 and 12, are being raised to be intelligent, fun, and relational women.  Honestly, I am so impressed with the way this family is functioning which is really a result of two parents who are sold out on following Jesus and thus becoming Christ like.  They are working out their salvation as they go, and modelling that experience for their children.

Anyway, it was gobs of fun to be called “Mrs. Brown” all afternoon and to hear about how excited they were to come and visit today.  Now, I don’t have much for them to play with here, but I have spectacular walks near where I live, by ravines and creeks and lovely parks.  Sometimes, there are beavers to watch.  Unfortunately, today there were not.  But there was all sorts of other good stuff to see on our walk.  We followed up our walk with a great lunch (for me anyways) of ham and cheese wraps, kale chips, fresh veggies and fruit. And the visit was topped off with watching these young ones use some oil pastels to create their own artwork.  Lovely!

Later in the evening, another friend came over.  She is from Slovakia, and I had not seen her in a year.  But tonight we got to catch up and I got to hear how God is blessing her life and ministry so faithfully.  We played the card game “Golf” which brought back many memories of prior Golf games and good times over the past few years.

Finally, I had a phone visit with a lovely friend who is currently going through recovery. At the end of our conversation, she said how this journey through recovery would not be possible without her supporters, and I reflected on that for myself as well.  My journey would be less without her.

These visits fed my spirit in such a tangibly positive way.  I realized that without the companionship of these lovely ladies, the journey to Jerusalem that we are on would be far less rich and interesting.

Thanks, ladies!



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