I guess the theme word is obvious.

Much of the day was spent in the hospital with a friend.  Now, in order to do that, I had to cancel a much-needed spiritual direction session.  But I heard God say, “Will you be open?”  And I think that he has been saying that to me for the last little while.  Perhaps even years, thought it is hard to be sure.

I tend to be very much a creature of habit and if my routine(s) are challenged, then I tend to start resenting whatever is interrupting me.  For instance….

About a month ago, I was called to see if I could help find a safe place for a lady I have known for years to stay.  And….gosh, I hate confessing to my horrible thoughts….I thought, “I don’t have time for this!”  And immediately, I heard God say, “Oh really.  I thought I had opened up your schedule for you to have time.”  And as per usual, God was right.  I straightened up and stepped up.

Throughout the last month, I’ve been called on at various times to help out, and though similar thoughts rear their ugly head, they are few and far between now.  I actually just pretty much step up when called.  And today was one of those days.

While I was with her in the hospital, I noticed a young lady, trembling and crying in the waiting room.  I felt so compelled to go over to her.  I thought, “Should I?  Will she be offended?  Should I leave my friend to go talk to her?”  And I heard God say, “Are you open to obeying me?”  So, I went over and prayed with her and talked with her.  Beautiful young lady with so many hardships.  I stayed with her until her husband arrived.

Today I was open, and I am grateful for God’s favour.



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