I don’t know what will come out of this.  But I feel compelled to start writing in the hopes that I get better at it.  I could try writing for myself, but I feel that with others reading what I write here, there is a little bit more accountability, if you will, for what is written.

When I was a young girl, I used to write poetry, short stories, that kind of thing.  The last decent (I think) thing I wrote in high school was a poem that went something like this:

When first men fought with brothers theirs 
And on them many wounds bestowed
Few hearts did not need some repairs
Their eyes like fountains overflowed.

When next men wanted more than need
Allowed their brothers to be sold
Hearts, they struggled, for to bleed
Their eyes like ice were bitter cold.

When last men fought in blood drenched war
Saw brothers beg on bended knee
Hearts no longer burdens bore
Their eyes were blind and would not see.

If e’er you fight, these things you know,
Withhold not tears, but let them flow.

Those were not the exact words, but the thoughts were the same.  But when I went to college, I found I had a writer’s block.  Could not write anything to save my life.  In fact, I could not write for more than two decades.  Nothing came to mind.

Then I came to Christ, and all of a sudden, the gates of creativity burst open and poems and devotionals burst out!

Over the past few years, the bursts have become less frequent.  I suppose now I’m wondering, if as I seek after God’s heart with new fervour, creativity will be further released.  I hope so as my relationship with God seems to deepen as I allow words to flow forth unabashedly.

That’s why I will give this a go.


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