When you listen more than you talk, you will see what you need to see.
–  Dr. Henry Cloud

I knew early on in my in my walk with Jesus a gift I would be bringing into the kingdom – the gift of gab.  Seriously, I love communication of all sorts, but chatting with people is a particular favourite.  Planes, trains and automobiles are great places for me since they often present opportunities to share with absolute strangers who I am, and also to learn who they are.

But just as important as the gift of gab is the gift of listening.  I remember connecting with a highly ranked officer of the Army on a very turbulent airplane experience, and because I listened to a problem he had with a contractor, the firm I worked for had an opportunity to do business with him.

Dr. Cloud’s quote, though, is speaking to me today.  I need to discern a path forward. Perhaps the gift of gab needs to take a backseat for the time being.



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