A Psalm For Today

Bring us back, O Lord,
as you brought back the children of Israel
time and time again
as a witness to the world of your unfailing love

Draw us close, O Lord,
that we may experience ever more deeply
your infinite love
so as to share that love with those around us

Fill our hearts, O Lord,
with longing for your kingdom here on earth
and a passion such as yours
that frees captives, slaves and prisoners of today’s idols

Help us see, O Lord,
those things to repent of and those to embrace
to bring shalom upon the earth
as we work out our salvation walking in the Way

Grant us compassion, O Lord,
to understand those who are different from us
to feed those who are hungry for more than just food
and to advocate for those who are suffering the injustices of an unbalanced world

Give us strength, O Lord,
to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with you
to resist the temptations of today to forsake you, as you do not forsake us,
and to love others as you love us.