Redemption by Bryan Clay

Redemption Brutal. Analytical. Honest. That is what Bryan Clay was as a young person, and that is how he wrote his book Redemption. This is the story of a child with extreme anger and control issues and walking down a road toward incarceration at best if left unchecked. But as the title of the book suggests, this is also the story of redemption, and it walks us through how God continually speaks to and works in the lives of people who would otherwise be given up on.
I felt my heart wrench throughout the reading of this book. The accounts of early family struggles and conflicts, separation and divorce, and remarriage are all too familiar in today’s world. But the surprising ways that God turns up in this story are riveting and clearly establish Bryan as his spokesperson.
Bryan takes us into the psyche of a champion decathlete. However, he is not your “run of the mill” champion. He has beaten all odds to be acknowledged as the best athlete in the world. That takes tenacity, perseverance, and in his case, intervention from God.
After reading his book, I looked forward to seeing Bryan compete in 2012 at the Olympics. It turned out he did not have a good event. In fact, some would say that he exhibited character flaws at the Olympics in London. Reading his book can help you understand what happened, but more importantly, realize that Bryan, just like you and I, is a part of God’s ohana – a Hawaiian word meaning “extended family” or “community.” We are flawed, but we are family.
BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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