Mondays with My Old Pastor – by Jose Luis Navajo

Your ministry has become a burden. You are receiving calls of complaints. You are exhausted beyond measure and even explanation. Your life is being ruled more by your appointment calendar than the Word that was to provide direction for your life. Burnout – are you there now or have you ever been there?

This book is the true story of Jose Luis Navajo’s state of burnout at 46 years of age and his remarkable recovery through the counsel of someone who had walked before him – his old pastor. Over the course of twelve Mondays and an unexpected meeting as well, Navajo’s old pastor shares with him fifteen principles that bring him back from the brink of leaving the ministry.

Told in a charming narrative style, this book is best read with a day or two between chapters so as to maximally absorb the message of each chapter, or meeting with the old pastor. Originally written in Spanish, North Americans may find that the style is simpler, gentler and lacks the hard edge of sophistication they are used to from authors here. However, this does not detract from the book’s purpose, which is to share important truths about the true calling and nature of serving God. I encourage you to read this book and see if you are not touched, as I was, by one man’s desire to leave a lasting legacy to another man who is at the time fairly desperate for assistance and in the end, grateful for the opportunity to carry on in the tradition of faithful service.

Each chapter captures one meeting between Navajo and his old pastor who has terminal cancer and is experiencing his final three months of this life. A bond between the two was obviously there beforehand, but clearly deepens significantly through the teaching and learning of the principals shared. The principals are shared through stories and modern day parables, which enhance the learning.


BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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