Dragonflies and Rainbows

Return to your rest, my soul,
for the LORD has been good to you. (Psalm 116:7)

Dragonflies and Rainbows

Contentment.  This is my biggest challenge.  For some reason, I find it very hard to be content. In my head, I know that I should be.  But my heart does not follow suit.  It is not exactly restlessness, but more a continual striving.  In some ways this manifests itself in a good way.  I am always learning and want to continue to do so, for instance.  But in many ways, this lack of contentment manifests itself in not so good ways.  In this next week, for instance, I will be driven to want to exceed anything I did last week.  Anything.  Exercise (go longer, further, faster), diet (eat less, eat healthier, etc.), traits (be kinder, gentler, more generous), spiritual growth (pray more, pray harder, fast more, journal more, read more, write more, etc).  It really is like I am on some sort of treadmill that hasn’t been turned off in a very long time!

Many of the things that are associated with my lack of contentment seem to be “big picture” things in my life….there are no short-term solutions.  But the lack of contentment takes a toll in my every day life.  So, today I would just like to have my soul return to rest and perhaps this can be done by thanking God for how good He has been to me, even just today.

I was concerned today because it was damp and cloudy all morning before the walk I scheduled with my friend Connie. And the air was dense with mosquitoes even when I opened the door to go out.  There were three of them there parked on the screen!  So, I drove off to the drug store to get some bug spray – thank you, Lord, for the funds to purchase the very expensive bug repellent.

I got home late from the drugstore and thought it was likely that Connie had already been and left, but I had a message on my phone that she had run late as well – thank you, Lord, for working it out so Connie and I could walk today.

We did not see any mosquitoes as we began our walk, and in fact, hardly any at all for the entire 10 km.  I mentioned to Connie that the day before there were no mosquitoes either, and there always seemed to be a dragonfly in front of me! And in fact, halfway through our walk, in a particularly damp portion of the path, we walked through a whole gathering of dragonflies – it was a magical moment. Thank you, Lord, for the dragonflies that eat the mosquitoes and for the magical moment of being surrounded by dragonflies as if we were surrounded by your protection from harm!

We met many interesting dogs on our trek – two are quite memorable:  Bella – a little maltese mix – beautiful, soft and loving!  The other was Lucy – a miniature poodle.  She was a little skittish, but adorable.  Thank you, Lord, for the enjoyment of meeting people and their pets on our walks – somehow, we feel such a part of the community as we relate to others as we walk.  Paths cross, words are said, stories exchanged and connections are made.

Thank you, Lord, for the strength to walk 10 km two days in a row.  And for inspiring Connie to walk with me and help keep me determined to continue doing so!

Also, this evening ended up redeeming a very bad evening yesterday!  Lord, I thank you for your reassurance and provision.  And as I walked downtown this evening, I saw the most magnificent full rainbow I have ever seen.  Lord, thank you for the reminder that you fix wrongs, redeem the seemingly unreedemable, and fulfill your promises.

I thank you, Lord, for dragonflies and rainbows today!




One thought on “Dragonflies and Rainbows

  1. Seems to me the twelve inches between our head and our heart is the longest distance known to man. What a long time it takes for something to traverse that journey!
    But learning to give thanks in all circumstances has truly been a help to me in the pursuit of contentment. Sounds like you’re doing well with it.

    I love the image of God surrounding you with an army of dragonflies!

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