No regrets

So, yesterday was a busy day.  I went to the Winspear for the afternoon/evening.  When I got home, it was probably 8:00 pm or so.  I caught up on my life (i.e., gmail, facebook), and got ready to take a walk.  Opened the door to go out and noticed storm clouds rolling in, so decided not to go.  As soon as I decided not to go, I wanted to go, so I grabbed an umbrella and headed out.

I was so glad I did – it was nice and cool out with the cloud cover.  I walked fast to hopefully beat the rain should it come.  I also walked fast because I was apparently dessert for the mosquitoes.  The air is thick with mosquitoes this year.  Big, fat, well-fed, aggressive mosquitoes.  But somehow I managed to avoid them – perhaps waving my umbrella at them helped fend them off.

My legs and back felt great.  I remembered that a month prior, when I began this walking regime, I would have to take a break about 3 times on a 5 km walk, just to rest my back. Yesterday, I walked 8.5 kms without even thinking about my back.  I had no regrets at all about walking nearly every day since that time.

I saw no one as I made my way down Sir Winston Churchill toward the ski area and Botanic Gardens in St. Albert.  I thanked God for holding back the rain as I walked into the entrance to the park, turned right as I have been doing lately, to do the loop that gets close to Poundmaker Road.  I picked up my pace as the area was deserted and felt kind of spooky.  Still no one as I completed that loop and made my way up to the Botanic Garden.  I decided to walk the Otter Crescent loop, so made my way across the bridge.

The air was thick and dense and moist as I crossed the bridge and it began to rain a few minutes later as I started walking around Otter Crescent.  As I rounded my first corner onto Oak Ridge Road, I glanced back toward the park, and there it was.  My reward.  A full rainbow.  There really is something wonderful about seeing a rainbow.   I was very grateful and had no regrets about coming out for a walk on this evening!

And then I prayed….

If I should die tomorrow
I’d still thank You for today;
Your love for me is great.


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