Wow!  I’d forgotten how absolutely awesome it is to get into a swimming pool.  Seriously, I don’t have the best joints in town – my knees and ankles ache alot, and the hip isn’t so great either.  But when I get in the pool, all of a sudden I feel whole again.  Like a kid with a new body.

Today, I climbed in and experienced this wholeness once again!  For a few moments, I just simply floated, kicking my legs out, because it felt great to do so!  I went to Fountain Park in St. Albert today.  After climbing in the pool, I decided to walk my first length.  This wasn’t very satisfying as the depth for the entire length of the lap pool is just deep enough that I had to tiptoe to walk.

So, I started the crawl.  Genetically, I am a turtle.  I remember being a little girl watching my dad swim and thinking he was the slowest swimmer around.  He could do a lot of laps, but it took forever!  This is how I am too – I’m more about distance than sprinting.  It must be painful to watch.  It has been a long time since some particular muscles in my arms have been utilized – I know that, because they told me so on the first length I swam!!  They screamed at me and I thought it was going to be a short session.

But there was a guy in the pool that I envied – he could swim two laps as I swum one.  And I did not want to lose face (I am all about measuring), so I became determined to swim 30 lengths, even if I had to pause in between them.  And so I did.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me this time to get in tune once again with the physical needs of my body and to have the wonderful experience of feeling whole again.  Thank you for Fountain Park and for Brenda, who gifted me with swimming passes that I can now finally utilize while trying to shape up once again.


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