My Walk

What a beautiful day – even a bit on the warm side.  I had mapped out an 8.5 km route for today and was looking forward to communing with nature on this morning’s excursion.  My lower back was hurting a little bit as I started out and I thought I was going to have to stop quite a bit on today’s walk.  But as I approached a bench on Sir Winston Churchill and Waverly, it appeared the kinks had worked themselves out a bit.

With the usual sense of anticipation, I approached the Botanic Gardens.  Ahhh….the relief of the shade and the relief of being further away from the road and any car noise were palpable.  My heart had yearned for the peace that my walk in solitude brought.  I was so engrossed in my surroundings that I really can’t remember the people or dogs I met along the way!

My heart leaped when I saw a beaver swimming in the river – I’ve never actually seen one outside of the water, and so I watched to see if he would grace me with a riverside stop so I could get a look.  Alas, although he did stop and much on some of the grasses protruding from the river, he never fully climbed out.  Nevertheless, I was cheered by his presence.

I continued on my way around Otter Crescent and back across the bridge.  The beaver had since moved on.

Back on the trail toward Boudreau, my body urged me to jog a little.  So I jogged a little on the trail, a little on Boudreau, and a little on Sir Winston Churchill.  As I walked down Sir Winston Churchill toward Willoughby, I began to realize how much of my thought life, even on this walk, was geared toward doing things faster and more efficiently.  It struck me how concerned I am with measuring things and making sure I measure up.

But as I looked to the sky, I noticed there were a number of white fluffy clouds floating gently through the air.  At the same time, there were streaks of white contrails left by jets as they streaked across the sky at a much faster pace than the clouds.  And I wonder, is it better to be a jet racing fast and furious to its destination?  Or is it better to be a cloud, moved only by the will of God?

My question for the day.


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