Remembering Mom

Another beautiful morning in St. Albert.  Whenever I start a walk, a memory or two of mom pops into my head.  By the way, the little snippet of artwork at the top of this blog is a part of one of her paintings.  She walked every day with a friend and/or her dog – Maggie.  Maggie was a cross between a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Black Labrador Retriever, and she had a disease that disfigured her face as a puppy, which is how my parents ended up keeping her.

She was a large dog, and I remember my mother struggling at times to keep her under control, particularly as they left for their walk.  Eventually, mom used a harness so that it became easier to walk Maggie.

This morning as I walked down Woodlands Road, I met Pickles.  Pickles also had a harness on.  He appeared to be a cross perhaps between a Sheep Dog of some sort and a German Shepherd.  Pickles was super sweet and his expressive eyes gazed into mine as he nuzzled my hand.  I thanked the owner for letting me pet Pickles, and then moved on.

Took a right down Willoughby Road and added the first crescent into my walk.  A left on Waverly out to Sir Winston Churchill.  Found a bench and sat to rest my back.  Down Sir Winston Churchill to take a left on Sturgeon Road.  As I walked in front of the gardening centre on the corner, there, I caught a rather large whiff of manure….good motivation to pick up the pace!  I decided to walk through the Botanic Garden and proceeded down the path behind it.  As the path wandered back a bit further away from the road, the sounds were delicious to my ears.  My mother would have loved this walk – she would have loved St. Albert, actually, as there is a bit of a small-town feel to it.  The scenery would have inspired some beautiful paintings out of her I am sure.

There are some baseball diamonds along the way, and on the path behind them, I met Finnegan – a brownish Husky, and Samantha (Sam for short) – a German Shephard / Black Labrador Retriever mix.  Both were very friendly, and I found out Samantha was 17 years old!  Incredible age to achieve for any kind of a Lab, and she still looked youthful to me….

I did my two minutes of jogging and then paused again to rest my back before proceeding up Boudreau Boulevard.  Then I hauled myself up the hill to Sir Winston Churchill and headed towards Woodlands Road.  One more rest and I headed home.  My legs felt better today – not quite as much clicking in the knees.  But I need to strengthen my core or my knees are going to have trouble.

Thank you, Lord, for a great walk!


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