A New Day

Today I walked a new 5 km route early in the morning.  I currently live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, and though it looked nice out when I opened the door, I soon found out in my not so heavy t-shirt, that it was still quite cool out!  I would guess it was in the high 30’s or low 40’s when I began my walk.  I spent the first half a kilometer thinking about going back and getting a sweatshirt!

Nevertheless, it really was a beautiful morning.  I walked along some beautiful trails above the river on the Woodlands side and I came across a beautiful little bridge.  The sun was shining on the bridge, so I decided to stop and warm up a bit in the sunshine.  Ahhhh…I notice fog/mist rising from the water as I looked downstream, and I paused to watch it swirling in the slight breeze while I enjoyed the sounds of nature that I haven’t noticed in years.  I pondered the little bit of dejection in me that is caused from feeling deprived of this beauty while trying to sustain a living in this world.  Somehow, I need to get this back into my life.

I turned around to the view the river on the other side of the bridge and promptly saw my first beaver!  He was swimming along the side of the river, and as he swam further up the river, he caused a little drama in a family of ducks.  I counted 14 ducklings and their mother, and as the beaver swam toward them, saw the mother duck herd her little ones toward the centre of the river until the beaver passed.

I could have stayed there for hours, just letting my senses get reacquainted with the natural sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful morning in paradise.  As it is, I absorbed these things for perhaps 15-20 minutes and then carried on with my 5 km walk.  Day #5 of walking.